St. John’s Hospital

We worked with St. John's to define and articulate their unique brand to internal and external audiences.

Defining a Brand

St. John’s Hospital had been working with a big-name ad agency. Their advertising could have been used for any large hospital. And in fact, it was being used for other hospitals in other regions. It didn’t reflect what is wonderful and unique about St. John’s and it did not serve to differentiate them from their primary competitor.

Generic advertising, no matter how creative or flashy, does not obtain optimal results. The people who work at St. John’s, and the people who choose St. John’s to be their healthcare provider, know why they do it. It’s intangible and tangible, composed of multiple factors working together to create a unique patient experience. Difficult to articulate, right?

But—it looks deceptively easy once it’s done. That’s because the brand was there before we began the discovery process. The essence of St. John’s, their unique value propositions, and their brand promise. We don’t define a brand based on what we think people want to hear. We look inside the organization, distill the feelings and the facts, and serve up a one page summation that rings true—because it is.

We spent the last two years searching for the right brand and identity campaign and as fate would have it, it was staring us in the mirror.
Bob Ritz

Former CEO, St. John's Hospital

I have said frequently since becoming part of the St. John’s family how much I value the way spirituality is kept as a core value, not in words only, but also in deeds. This billboard and the “Inspired Care” concept behind shows that spirituality is an important enough value that we will use it to market the care we provide.

St. John's Hospital

Every day, for everyone, we provide the inspired care people can believe in.

St. John’s Hospital Brand Promise



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