Find Brand Clarity

Proven Programs to Transform Your Brand and Grow Your Business

Brand-driven organizations have significant competitive advantages.

A strong brand is a recruiting magnet.

A strong brand attracts partnerships with other strong brands.

Strong brands have greater leverage during negotiations.

A strong brand reduces risk during a crisis.

Strong brands deliver customer experiences that inspire loyalty.

Strong brands have greater success with new ventures and products.

Are you ready to take a stand for your brand?

Brand Discovery

Your organization has a brand. Do you know what it is? Are you able to articulate it? Does your message set you apart from the competition?

We can help you identify and clearly communicate your brand’s unique value and difference. Once you stand apart from, and above, the competition, you no longer compete on price alone, but on the real benefits you have to offer.


Brand Audit

Is your brand manifest in the company’s culture? Is your team inspired to work toward the same goals?

Do employees “get” the leadership’s vision and understand the priorities? Is the sales team selling the right things? Where are the gaps? We can help you answer these questions and identify the areas that need attention.

Brand Identity

Is the visual representation of your brand pulled together? Is it consistent and working well across all types of media?

We can help with everything from sorting out complex brand architecture, to naming your company or product lines, to logo development. And we will establish design standards and the systems that make it easy for people to stick to them.


Internal Communications

Keeping the troops motivated and mission-driven requires constant communication. We can help with events, environmental graphics, presentations or training materials.

Whatever it takes to deliver the message and achieve not only heartfelt participation, but ownership and satisfaction in delivering your brand promise every day.

External Communications

Are you reaching your target audience efficiently and effectively? Start with a sound marketing plan and develop a creative platform that will stand the test of time. Build your brand’s strength with consistent and frequent messages.

Whether it makes sense for your organization to focus on traditional media, social and digital media, or a combination, we can help plan and execute campaigns that drive results.


Great brands build momentum that keeps them growing. But stagnation and losing sight of the vision can happen to the best—and it can be difficult to overcome.

We can help you design a momentum strategy. This part of the program, like the others but perhaps more so,  depends a great deal on you and your team—but we can guide you, facilitate meetings and activities, and help you monitor progress.