You want to build your brand. But there is a problem with the currently popular toolset for marketers. Inbound marketing, thought leadership, social media—they all contribute to the rapidly expanding glut of (mis)information pummeling our senses.

In this age of interruption, the challenge of building and maintaining brand loyalty grows more difficult with each new viral sensation pushed to our news feeds.

Not only does the constant barrage of noise make it difficult to focus on matters of import, it creates an inability to make informed decisions. So growing numbers of victims of information overload spend their days thinking about the wrong things. And then make poor decisions arising from continually disrupted thought processes. Talk about a formula for mass inefficiency.

But we all need to be in the game. We need to build brand awareness, communicate our distinction, and generate leads!

How can your brand break through the noise without adding to the chaos?

  1. When it comes to publishing, think quality—not quantity.
  2. Simplify your message. One data chunk is easier to digest than a bowlful.
  3. Maintain visual clarity and consistency.
  4. Be real. Be original. After all, authenticity builds brands.